KI Datacenter

Monitor your IT Systems and overall power information.

Large-Scale deliveryKI Datacenter delivers agile service no matter the size of their client. We work seamlessly with other major manufacturers of data storage and are more responsive and less costly than our competition for integration projects.

Auto Manufacturer’s Datacenter 
KISM worked with a Big Three auto company to install its SCADA monitoring system in coordination with other large-scale vendors.

We don’t lock customers into specific brands of hardware, and integrate with the likes of Siemens or Johnson Controls. KI Datacenter can blend power information from your IT systems, with power information from your building systems, allowing you to monitor everything from one device.

KI Datacenter is backed by Kennedy Industries and their 60+ years of customer service. We provide 24/7 support with skilled technicians who respond when you need them.

There isn’t a SCADA related problem we can’t solve.
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What are the benefits of hosted SCADA?

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