What can we do for the Department of Transportation (DOT)?

TransportationThe Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is one of our most satisfied customers. We work closely with them to monitor their 25+ stormwater stations in Wayne County and the surrounding area. Before migrating to KISM, MDOT dealt with numerous issues with their SCADA. They did not have report templates to fit their reporting needs, their trending was not updated with new features, and they couldn’t get real time information from outside the facility.

With the responsibility of ensuring the highways don’t flood, MDOT needs to be able to know how their facilities are running and when issues arise.

KISM provides them peace of mind that their SCADA system is constantly on watch, and with custom alarms, they will be alerted when problems occur. Included in our hosted system is the ability to view your SCADA screens from nearly any mobile device with an internet connection. This was an invaluable feature for them, as now they can check on their stations any time of day, from anywhere with internet, and all from their phone!

Our engineers tirelessly work to keep our KISM SCADA servers operating at all hours of the day. Our system doesn’t sleep so that you can.

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