KI Generator

Be prepared when power outages strike.

Downed Trees and RodentsKI Generator allows remote monitoring through SCADA cloud services. It features load monitoring, remote transfer, alarm history and trending. Over 500 critical sites depend on KISM. They provide our clients peace of mind, knowing their equipment is ready for the next outage.

Downed Trees and Rodents are the top causes of power outages. You have little control over the damage they can create. Without monitoring your generator equipment, it’s virtually impossible to know if you have the proper backup. In 2017, Michigan was ranked 5th in overall power outages in the US, according to the Eaton Blackout Report.

Michigan Outage Summary*
Total number of people affected by outages: 2,020,636
Total duration of outages: 14,052 minutes (nearly 10 days)
Total number of outages: 155
State ranking (number of outages): 5
Average number of people affected per outage: 13,036
Average duration of outage: 76 minutes

*Total number of people affected (and average) based on 109 (70%) of the total reported outages.Total duration of outages (and average) based 0n 34 (22%) of the total reported outages. Source: EATON Blackout Tracker Annual Report 2018.

There isn’t a SCADA related problem we can’t solve.
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