KI Fire Watch

Make sure your fire protection system is ready.

Be Fire Ready!KI FIRE WATCH assures your equipment is 100% fire ready. Our hosted system allows you to view your SCADA screens from any mobile device at any time, from anywhere.

Rest assured, as our system:


  • Reports tank levels and pump status with custom alerts in advance of system alarms
  • Reduces/eliminates emergency repair cost by providing insight into predicting equipment failure
  • Monitors access to dedicated Fire Protection areas or equipment
  • Records room or panel intrusion and indicates whether a door has been left open
  • Tracks maintenance in real time.
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

Our Fire Protection SCADA Monitoring System is entirely customizable. From start to finish we help guide you through a tailored experience. Fire Watch will help eliminate costly repair of your Fire Protection equipment by regularly recording status and forecasting possible failure. Its constant watch and report functionality is second to none. The result is piece of mind for you, and your insurance carrier, which may even lower your insurance bill.

There isn’t a SCADA related problem we can’t solve.
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What are the benefits of hosted SCADA?

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