What are the benefits?

KISM Hosted SCADA saves the customer money!

A cost cutting mentality. We built the hardware infrastructure and we work tirelessly to maintain our system. We have a completely separate remote backup system to ensure reliability, even in the face of a natural disaster. You no longer have to drain precious monetary and labor resources. We take care of all the software and hardware upgrades so you can focus on what you do best.

Here are a few of the benefits KISM has to offer, while cutting costs:

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Alarming (Voice, Email, Text)
  • Security
  • Personal FTP Site
  • Custom Reports
  • Historian
  • Trending
  • Custom Screen Designs

The Report Generator is integrated and included in KISM. Reports can be automatically emailed as-required or on a scheduled basis. Feel free to utilize any number of the industry standard report templates or have our engineers design a custom template to fit your needs.

Alarm notifications alert you of specific conditions or events within your system, including equipment failures to data values that are higher or lower than normal. Alarms can be viewed on your alarm page, and received via e-mail, text, voice phone call, or even by pager.

What are the benefits of hosted SCADA?The KISM historian records alarms and I/O (Inputs/Outputs) data through specially designed logger tags. All data can be recorded up to 160,000 values per second, and can be easily accessed and archived.

Custom screens are something we do best.

Our highly trained and expert KISM engineers will custom build every screen to fit your needs, instead of the cookie cutter graphics recycled from previous projects, as is the case with other conventional SCADA providers.

Looking for an option completely customized just for you? Visit our Customization Services page

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