Wastewater Plants

KISM is perfect for wastewater plants.

We have implemented our hosted solution in numerous facilities across Michigan. One such example is within the City of Battle Creek.

In Battle Creek, the harsh environment of the wastewater treatment plant shortened the life of exposed computer equipment, which led to premature SCADA hardware failures, the need for IT engineers onsite to install new software updates, and SCADA programmers to provide feature upgrades like custom Wastewater-plantstrending. A traditional SCADA installation required Battle Creek to pay massive unplanned maintenance costs each year. The City of Battle Creek chose to implement the KISM (KI System Master) hosted SCADA solution to solve these issues. Within months, the wastewater treatment plant and 126 lift stations were being monitored on the new hosted SCADA system. Issues with operational maintenance and infrastructure costs for SCADA were resolved. In addition, new features, such as remote monitoring from mobile devices offsite, was provided. The hosted SCADA system provided by KISM allowed for the city to quickly and cost efficiently make the transition to the smarter management solution.

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