Testimonial – “Exceeded My Expectations”

How has the KISM product benefited you and/or your company?

“Simple.  They took over a difficult project and provided the expertise and leadership.  Stayed with it until the end.  Attitude is everything and KISM proved that.  Solved some very complex problems that frankly weren’t there to solve, but no one else would.”

What is your favorite KISM feature and why?

“Team support.  They always seem to answer the call, find a solution, and implement it.”

What KISM features are important to you?

“Reliability of Service. Customer Support Team. 24/7 Support.”

Any additional comments?

Exceeded my expectations, never said no and solved every problem that they were presented and gave very good advice on how to bring in assistance when necessary.”

KISM Product = KISM - 5 Stars          KISM Programming Team = KISM - 5 Stars


– Anonymous, DeMaria Building Company


*** I am available as a reference, please contact KISM for contact info ***

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