Testimonial – “KISM Saves Us Time”

How has the KISM product benefited you and/or your company?

“The biggest benefit of KISM is the time it saves us.  Having the ability to monitor our offsite SBR plant from the WWTP has allowed us to free up a worker that would normally be stuck at the SBR babysitting the plant.”

What is your favorite KISM feature and why?

“Being able to monitor the site from a computer/cell phone and the ability to receive a report every morning.”

What stands out about the KISM programming team?

“Always answer their phones.”

What KISM features are important to you?

“SCADA Features including: Monitoring, Control, Alarm Notification, Security, Historian, Trending, and Reports.  Reliability of Service.”

KISM Product = KISM - 4 Stars          KISM Programming Team = KISM - 4 Stars


– Anonymous, Genoa Township


*** I am available as a reference, please contact KISM for contact info ***

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