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The KISM team is working hard to keep your Hosted SCADA System up and running. Our 24/7 phone number is available below to answer any of your questions.




They took over a difficult project and provided the expertise and leadership.  Stayed with it until the end.  Attitude is everything and KISM proved that.  Solved some very complex problems that frankly weren’t there to solve, but no one else would.” – read more

“It has enabled our small community to more effectively manage fairly complex systems.” – read more

“The biggest benefit of KISM is the time it saves us.  Having the ability to monitor our offsite SBR plant from the WWTP has allowed us to free up a worker that would normally be stuck at the SBR babysitting the plant.” – read more

“Eliminated dialers.  More detailed alarm conditions and text alerts.” – read more

“Trending.  Layering trends improves the ability to pinpoint problems and anticipate problems.” – read more

“Always answer their phones” – read more

Exceeded my expectations, never said no and solved every problem that they were presented and gave very good advice on how to bring in assistance when necessary.”read more

Huge labor saver for me” – read more

“Being able to monitor the site from a computer/cell phone and the ability to receive a report every morning.” – read more

“The daily reports are very helpful and allow me to quickly check the status and performance of a station.” – read more

“Team support.  They always seem to answer the call, find a solution, and implement it.” – read more

“Saves time and money by not sending personnel to check remote stations as often.” – read more


Jeff Nachtweih

CEO / Owner

Jeff brings 30+ years of operations management experience to the KISM team. He leads the team with his organization, strategic planning, and his methodical approach to completing projects. Jeff’s dedicated to offer a best in class KISM product in the hosted SCADA market.

PHONE: (248) 684-1200

Mark Hemeyer

President / Owner

Mark brings 25+ years of sales management and business development experience to the KISM team. He grows and develops the KISM product offering.  With his market knowledge and dedication to customer service, Mark sparked the KISM product in 2010.

PHONE: (248) 684-1200

Ben Manlongat


Ben brings 15+ years of PLC/SCADA project, programming, and engineering experience to the KISM team.  Ben designed and programmed the KISM infrastructure. Including the data centers, servers, communication network, SCADA software and PLC hardware.

CELL: (248) 770-0784

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